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🚀 Your First Step to Financial Freedom  


Life pulls us in a million directions. Working a full-time job, raising kids, keeping up with rising costs, wanting to enjoy life, needing to save for retirement, for college, and building an emergency fund, all while trying to afford one nice vacation each year.

It's hard for everyone to make sense of it all! It is also not easy to open up and talk about such a personal part of our lives. I like to think my gift in life is helping people just like you in a low-stress and comfortable environment. Let's turn your uncertainty into a clear path forward. 

Take the First Step! Here is How it Works:

Sign Up Below & Get Started


Access your client portal and create your profile. Next, send me an email telling me a little about yourself, and the reason why you would like to work together.   


Discovery Meeting

First up is the "Discovery meeting". We will go through your client portal, and discuss your current situation along with your biggest concerns, goals, and dreams. We will prioritize urgent items down to changes that can be implemented over time. 


Get Organized Meeting


Next is the "Get Organized Meeting". We will view your entire financial picture in one beautiful interface. We will be able to create a budget, monitor your spending, track your net worth, and analyze your investments. 

debt screenshot.jpg

Explore Possibilities Meeting

Finally is our "Explore possibilities meeting". We will discuss strategies, what-if scenarios, and play with numbers inside your portal. This is where we can get creative and see what the future could have in store for you. Together we will make informed decisions and create your step-by-step financial plan to move towards your goals.



Plan Delivery

I will provide you with written action steps, strategies, and a financial plan to help reach your goals. I will also continue to give you access to RightCapital so you can continue tracking your progress.


Let's Get Started Today

Only $999

(Monthly payment options available)

* If you would like to continue working together after plan delivery I offer ongoing financial planning on a retainer model for $3,600 a year. 

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