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Turn Your Money Stress

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Receive weekly resources, tips, and strategies on budgeting, investing, getting out of debt, reducing taxes, and building your wealth. Start with our awesome Budget Template and Net Worth Tracker.   

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Hi, I'm Rich McCormack, CFP®. I am an independent fee only fiduciary financial advisor. I have a passion for helping people feel great about their finances. I want to help you live an amazing life without constantly stressing about money! 

After 20+ years of working as a financial advisor for big firms, my dream of having a bigger impact on the world led to the creation of the School of Personal Finance.

My mission is to help everyday hardworking people who feel overwhelmed take control of their money so they can reach financial freedom.

The School of Personal Finance offers the perfect combination of self-paced digital courses along with 1:1 financial planning for those that would like to work with a Fiduciary Certified Financial Planner™. 

The Clients I Work With 


High School & College Students: The most important step you can take before entering the workforce is to learn about money and personal finance. It will change the entire course of your life. Our Digital Course Personal Finance 101 is the perfect low-cost place to start. 


Recent Grads and Beginners: Starting to invest early, getting out of debt, using the right type of accounts to invest, building that emergency fund, choosing the right insurance, etc. Making the right choices early on can set you up for financial success. Depending on your current knowledge, Personal Finance 101 & 102 could be the perfect place to start. You can also hire me on an hourly basis to get 1:1 advice for your specific situation.


Families:  I work with a ton of families and offer a few different services depending on your current situation. First up is a digital course that includes a 1:1 Zoom meeting with me called Master Your Family's Finances in 30 Days. Next up is First Step to Financial Freedom where we work closely together over 3 Zoom meetings to create your comprehensive financial plan. We can also work together on an hourly basis or if you are interested in working together longer term I offer ongoing financial planning and investment management.


Approaching Retirement / Retirees: Retirement planning and investment management is a big part of my business. I completed the Retirement Income Certified Professional Designation (RICP®) in 2015. I am passionate about helping clients put the pieces together so they can enjoy the retirement they have always dreamed of. If you would like to work with me I offer two options. The first is on an hourly basis to create your retirement plan. The second is ongoing retirement planning and investment management.

The Products and Services I Offer:

Personal Finance 101
Master the Basics

Personal Finance 102
Advanced Topics

Box 1-1.png

Self paced comprehensive digital course. A necessity for current students and recent graduates


Ready to take it to the next level? Continue with more advanced topics.


Master Your Family's Finances in 30 Days

Perfect for parents stressed out about money. 

(Self paced digital course plus a Zoom Call with Me)


First Step to Financial Freedom
The Ultimate 1:1 Experience


Let's Create Your Financial Plan Together

(3 Zoom Calls & a Financial Plan, ongoing planning available)


Hourly Financial Advice


Hire me on an hourly basis to tackle specific projects


Ongoing Planning & Investment Management

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