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Being smart with money, staying out of bad debt, learning to invest, and having a solid financial plan will change your life.
Let me teach you how

Rich McCormack,CFP®

Certified Financial Planner ™

Personal Finance Teacher 

Advisor, Coach, and YouTuber

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Education Center

Two Tracks to Choose From:

"Learning it" 

Perfect for High School & College Students 

"Living it" 

Perfect for Young Adults & Families

Beginner Course

Start with learning the basics that you need to know before graduating.

Money Management

Learn how the wealthy manage their money. Cash flow statement example. 


Investing is the key to achieving financial freedom. Let's build the foundation. 

Money Rules of Thumb

I love rules of thumb. Learn and live by them. They will show you the way to financial freedom. 

All About Banking

Learn about checking, savings, money market accounts, debit cards, etc.

Financial Awareness

Building your senses around money and everyday choices we are faced with.

All About Credit

Learn about credit cards, loans, mortgage, student loans, and credit scores work.

Ongoing Support

Weekly office hours via zoom to come ask me anything, timely market updates and Newsletter

Join "Learning it"
Today for Only 
$197  $97

Step by Step Courses

I will show you step by step how to create your own financial plan 

Create Your Financials

Follow step by step to build your Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements.

Learn How to Invest

Learn how to invest in the stock market and create your portfolio. 

Tax Saving Strategies 

Learn about using tax diversification to reduce your taxes. 

Get Out of Debt

Learn good debt vs bad debt along with creating your own debt snowball. 

Prioritize Goals

Invest or pay off debt?

Save for retirement or college? 

Types of Accounts

401k, Roth IRA, HSA, Brokerage, Roth 401k 403b, 457. Which account is right for you?

Ongoing Support

1 -1 Zoom Call included, office hours, accountability meetings. timely market updates and Newsletter 

Join "Living it"
Today for Only
$297  $197

1:1 Help

Work With Me 1:1 

One Time Financial Plan (Power Session)

Me and you on Zoom reviewing your financial life, discussing strategy, and putting together a game plan all using RightCapital financial planning software. We will create goals, analyze your cash flow, discuss how to get out of debt, review your investments, discuss the best type of accounts to use, plan for college, run projections, plan around taxes, and explore all the possibilities around living your best life. 

Ongoing Financial Planning

This is the perfect option if you would like to have complete access to me. We will start by creating your initial financial plan and continue working together on your journey to financial freedom. After your initial plan is complete we will have scheduled quarterly meetings to track our progress. In addition, I am always available to discuss any major life event or if you just want to run something by me before making a decision. 

Investment Management 

The way you invest your money is a huge component of your overall financial plan. It is the ultimate factor in reaching your financial goals. I am here to help you create a well-diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio that matches your tolerance for the inevitable ups and downs in the market and allows you to sleep at night.


NY State Teachers

High fees, low transparency, complicated annuity products, surrender charges...I can go on and on. A bad 403b plan can cost you tens of thousands of dollars....sometimes even more. I have been helping NYS Teachers for over 14 years plan for retirement and make sense of it all. 

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