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Rich McCormack,CFP®

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Ongoing Financial Planning

Your financial life is made up of many moving parts. We will tackle all aspects together and create an immersive ongoing planning experience. 

Investment Account Management

We will create and manage a customized portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals. It all starts with assessing your need for return and your tolerance for risk. 

One Time Project-Based Financial Planning

We provide project based services on topics such as cash flow, getting out of debt, retirement planning, college savings, insurance coverage and employee benefits.

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Which One of These Sounds Most Like You?


I Feel Like a Financial Mess

I don't have much savings, have credit card debt, living paycheck to paycheck, not really sure what I am doing, need help getting organized and coming up with a plan to start moving in the right direction. Would love to have a professional advise and guide me but do not think I can afford one.

Doing Good But Need Ongoing Help

Making a good income, building up my investments, very little debt besides my mortgage, planning for retirement, building a business, not sure what else I should be doing, need to get more organized, want to work with a CFP® to reach my financial goals.


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