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 Master your Personal Finances and
Become Great with Money.

Learn how to budget, build savings, pay off debt, invest for your future, reduce taxes, create your financial plan, and build wealth like a pro. 

Start with Our Awesome Budget Template and Net Worth Tracker Sent Directly to Your Inbox👇

I started the School of Personal Finance with one goal - to help you become great with money. Being smart with money gives us options, reduces stress, and allows us to live life on our own terms. Education is the first step. Taking action and implementing what you learn into your own life is where the magic happens. 

The School of Personal Finance was designed to be the ultimate learning experience. Through the perfect combination of recorded courses, live classes, workshops, 1:1 coaching, quizzes, and timely resources, I have made it my personal mission to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and support to succeed. 

Every single one of us deserves to reach financial freedom. I hope you will allow me to help you get there. 

Hi, I'm Rich McCormack, CFP®

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Enroll in the Ultimate Educational Experience  

Master Your Finances is not a course, it is an immersive, interactive learning community.                                                

 Here is how it works:

1. Comprehensive Financial Education - Start with structured "Basic Classes" to build your money foundation. These are beginner-level courses that need to be taught in every school worldwide. Each lesson below includes key takeaways, a quiz, and real-life examples to ensure you are grasping every concept. 

Get Excited to Learn About:

The Very Basics

Start with learning the basics terms and concepts we all need to survive.

All About Credit

Learn about how credit cards, car loans, mortgages, student loans, and credit scores work.

The Right Way to Bank

Learn about checking, savings, money market accounts, debit cards, etc. 

Basics of Investing

Investing is the key to achieving financial freedom. Let's build the foundation. 

Financial Awareness

Building your senses around money and everyday choices we are faced with.

Money Rules of Thumb

I love rules of thumb. Learn and live by them. They will show you the way to financial freedom. 

Time Value of Money

Learn how compound interest can make you rich and the importance of starting early in life. 

Insurance & Taxes

Learn about the basic types of insurance, along with how taxes work. 

2. Implementation - Learning is great but now it is time to apply it to your own life. This is where our step-by-step implementation process takes center stage. Take action through a combination of recorded courses, live workshops, and 1:1 coaching. This is where education and real life come together. 

Here is the Implementation Schedule:

Create Your Financials

Follow step by step to build your Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements along with how to analyze them. 

Prioritize Goals

Invest or pay off debt?

Save for retirement or college? Let's talk it out. 

Give Your Money a Job

Where is your money going each month? Does it align with you goals? It is time to create a budget.

Get Out of Debt

Learn good debt vs bad debt along with creating your own debt snowball. 

Types of Accounts

401k, Roth IRA, HSA, Brokerage, Roth 401k 403b, 457. Which account is right for you?

Learn How to Invest

Learn how to invest in the stock market and create your portfolio. Live Classes on portfolio construction. 

Tax Saving Strategies 

Live workshops on reading a tax return, tax diversification, deductions, Roth Conversions. and more. 

Putting it All Together

Create Your Financial Plan. Follow along step by step so you have a clear plan on reaching your goals.

3. Support - Wouldn't it be great to have your own CFP® with 20+ years of experience available to ask questions, bounce ideas off, or just be reassured you are on track?

Here is How I Will Personally Help You:

Awesome Resources

Receive timely resources and Newsletters created for "Students Only".  Including flowcharts, calculators, research reports, and much more! 

Office Hours 

Stuck? Have a question? Need help making a decision? Book a time via zoom to ask me anything. I provide dedicated office hours each week.  

Live Workshops 

Join a Live Webinar where we will dive deeper into a specific topic like Roth IRA's, budgeting, allocating your 401k, investing in real estate, and many more.  

Interactive Zoom Classes

Small group zoom classes on achieving a goal. For example, doing a Roth conversion, opening a brokerage account or buying Treasury Bills

Get Complete Access to Everything Above for

Only $497

(Monthly payment options available)

Sit back and picture this for a second 

You enroll in the School of Personal Finance, complete all the classes, attend the workshops, book time during office hours, and implement all the steps. You are thrilled at how far you have come in just a few months and how amazing it feels to:

  • Have a clear understanding of your current financial picture. 

  • Have priorities and goals with a plan to achieve them.

  • Track your cash flow and net worth each month. 

  • Have a step-by-step plan to get out of debt. 

  • Build an emergency fund and earn some real interest.

  • Invest in the right types of accounts. 

  • Automate it all so you can set it and forget it. 

  • Protect your family with the right type of insurance.

  • Create your financial plan and feel confident about the future. 

  • Be able to sleep at night without the constant stress around money. 


My Only Mission is to Help You Get There!

Once you enroll you will get immediate access to all learning material along with a link to my calendar to schedule office hour appointments. You will also receive special invitations to all webinars and live classes. Also, don't forget about our awesome newsletter with timely resources sent directly to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I enroll will you be my financial advisor?

No. You are not hiring me to be your financial advisor when you enroll in the School of Personal Finance. All content is for educational purposes only. I will not be providing you with any specific recommendations or advice. Click here if you would like to learn more about working with me 1:1.

2. How do I know if the School of Personal Finance is right for me?

Our #1 goal is to help you learn the basics of personal finance in a fun and non-threatening way, teach you how to implement it, and be there to support you along your journey. We want to be your go-to resource for all your personal finance questions. Even though we will cover more advanced topics like Roth conversions, tax strategies, and investing in Real Estate, if you have a unique situation and are looking for more personalized advice then you will be better off working with me 1:1. You can always reach out to me with questions or try it risk-free for 14 days. 

3. Is it a one-time fee to enroll? Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, it is a one-time fee to enroll (Unless you choose an available payment plan). Yes, as long as the School of Personal Finance exists you will have access to everything with no additional costs. 

4. Will you continue to add more content?

Yes, the plan is to create the ultimate resource to learn personal finance and become great with money!

5. Do you offer refunds if it is not the right fit for me?

We want everyone to be happy and feel like they are receiving much more value than the cost of the enrollment. If you decide it is not the right fit we offer a no-questions-asked full refund during the first 14 days.

If you need help I don't want the price to prevent you from getting it. We offer easy monthly payment options so you can get started without breaking the bank!

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* School of Personal Finance is an Investment Advisor registered with the State of New York. All views, expressions, and opinions included in this membership platform are subject to change. By enrolling in the membership platform you understand that you are not hiring the School of Personal Finance as your financial advisor. Any information provided is for educational purposes only and is not considered specific investment advice. This membership platform is not intended as an offer or solicitation to buy, hold, or sell any financial instrument or investment advisory services. All information has been obtained from sources considered reliable, but we do not guarantee the accuracy, or completeness of, any description of securities, markets, or developments mentioned. We may, from time to time, have a position in the securities mentioned and may execute transactions that may not be consistent with this communication's conclusions. Please consult with your financial advisor before acting on any of the information obtained through the School of Personal Finance membership platform.

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