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Financial Planning & Investment Management

We all need a financial plan to help guide us along our journey. The only way I can give you the best advice is if I know your entire financial picture including goals, dreams, and purpose. The process of managing investment accounts starts with creating your plan. We will go through the same process as First Step to Financial Freedom and build out your investment strategy as part of your overall financial plan. 

How your money is invested is a major factor in reaching your long-term goals. Many different decisions need to be made when it comes to what types of assets to invest in, how much of each asset will make up your portfolio, and what type of account to use. Being strategic, taking advantage of tax benefits, and having a clear plan to reduce taxes now and in retirement is a always a priority. 

Navigating Market Uncertainty

How I Approach Investing:

  • The foundation of managing investments is constructing a well-diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio that matches your tolerance for the inevitable ups and downs in the market and allows you to sleep well at night.

  • Time in the market beats timing the market. Timing the market is not something I will try to do. I don't know which direction the market is going over the next week, month, year, or even five years from now. I do use history as a guide when investing for the long term, but the future is unknown. 


  • I have no hot tips, I am not trading constantly in your account, and I do not sit at my computer all day placing buy and sell orders. There will not be much action in your account. 

  • I almost always use very low-cost passive index funds, exchange-traded funds, and some individual stocks/bonds to create diversified portfolios. In certain situations, I may use an active fund or two if I believe there is an added value that outweighs the additional expense. 

  • Your time horizon means everything. If you need the money in 3 years (down payment on a house) it looks very different than the money you are investing for 30 years.

  •  I stick to the long-term plan. Markets go through cycles of ups and downs. I have invested in many of them. Sometimes those downturns can be very stressful and painful. It hurts losing 40% of your retirement accounts, but it happened in 2008-2009 and the odds are very good it will happen again. When you ask? Your guess is as good as mine (or anyone else's). The key is not making emotional decisions. It's hard to stay put when the world is crumbling around you. That's why people hire me :) 

Fee Schedule for Financial Planning & Managing Your Investments

*Fee includes financial planning with a minimum account value of $250,000

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