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Rental Real Estate

What is a Rental Property? 


Rental properties are residential or commercial properties

that you purchase with the purpose of renting them out to a

tenant. There are so many different property types,

investment strategies and ways to profit when it comes to

real estate investing. There are also many ways to get

destroyed if you do not know what you are doing. Real Estate

is the most tax-favored asset class on the planet. One of the

biggest benefits of owning rental properties is that if done

right, you can create an income stream now while also

building up a significant retirement portfolio.


The segment of real estate that I have chosen to focus on is single-family houses mostly in the midwest along with college rentals. If you would like to learn more about how I buy rental properties in the midwest while living in New York, I have created a video series on the money talk page taking you through the simple process. Personally, I believe that investing in real estate is by far the best way to reach financial freedom and enjoy life both now and in retirement. This is why after contributing to retirement plans like 401k's and IRA's for the first 15 years of my working career, I decided to stop and just focus on saving enough for my next down payment on a rental property. 

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