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Create Your Financials

Follow step by step to build your Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements along with how to analyze them. 

Prioritize Goals

Invest or pay off debt?

Save for retirement or college? Let's talk it out. 

Give Your Money a Job

Where is your money going each month? Does it align with you goals? It is time to create a budget.

Get Out of Debt

Learn good debt vs bad debt along with creating your own debt snowball. 

Types of Accounts

401k, Roth IRA, HSA, Brokerage, Roth 401k 403b, 457. Which account is right for you?

Learn How to Invest

Learn how to invest in the stock market and create your portfolio. Live Classes on portfolio construction. 

Tax Saving Strategies 

Live workshops on reading a tax return, tax diversification, deductions, Roth Conversions. and more. 

Putting it All Together

Create Your Financial Plan. Follow along step by step so you have a clear plan on reaching your goals.

Wouldn't it be great to have your own CFP® with 20+ years of experience available to ask questions, bounce ideas off, or just be reassured you are on track?

Here is How I Will Continue to Personally Help You:

Awesome Resources

Receive timely resources and Newsletters created for "Students Only".  Including flowcharts, calculators, research reports, and much more! 

Office Hours 

Stuck? Have a question? Need help making a decision? Book a time via zoom to ask me anything. I provide dedicated office hours each week.  

Live Workshops 

Join a Live Webinar where we will dive deeper into a specific topic like Roth IRA's, budgeting, allocating your 401k, investing in real estate, and many more.  

Lifetime Discount 

You will receive a lifetime discount off my hourly rate if you would like to work together again in the future.


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