Ongoing Financial Planning

Our Ongoing Financial Planning membership service is a fully immersive planning experience. We will discuss your struggles, worries, goals, and dreams. Next, we will analyze your current situation and create a plan to help you live your best life. We use technology throughout the entire process making it easy for you to stay on top of your progress. 


How it Works:


 Access your Client Portal, enter your info and link your accounts. I provide you with step by step tutorials to set it all up. We will complete a walk through and verify all your info in the discovery meeting. 




Discovery meeting. We will discuss your situation along with your biggest concerns, goals, and dreams. We will prioritize urgent items down to the changes we can implement over time.  


 Get Organized Meeting. We will view your entire financial picture in one beautiful interface. You will be able to create a budget, monitor your spending, track your net worth, view your investments, and download reports anytime. I provide you with ongoing tutorials to ensure you get the most out of your portal. 


Explore possibilities meeting. We will have a screen sharing session discussing strategies, what if scenarios, and playing with numbers inside your portal. This is where we can get creative and see what the future could have in store for you. Together we will make informed decisions on the best way to move towards your goals.


Initial plan delivery meeting. I will provide recommendations, strategies, and a financial plan to help reach your goals. This plan is a fluid document. We will monitor your progress together. Enter your email and I will send you a sample plan. 



Ongoing advice and support through email, phone, video, or in-person meetings. Goal and progress tracking using the client portal. Availability to discuss any major life event or if just want to run something by me before making a decision. Scheduled semi-annual reviews to go over everything. 

Remember that I am a fiduciary financial advisor. I put your interests above all else. I do not sell any products, receive any commissions, and have no conflicts of interest. 


$150 - $299 per month

Most plans are $200 per month depending on your specific situation.