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Client Logins
TD Ameritrade Logo.png

I manage your investments at TD Ameritrade, a top 3 custodian servicing over 4000 Registered Investment Advisors. Having your investments at TDA means your portfolio benefits from cutting-edge technology, outstanding client service, and seamless account integration. Click here for instructions to set up your online access.

RightCapital Logo.png

RightCapital is our beautifully designed central hub. We do financial planning projections, we share documents, and we track each other’s tasks. All of your financial data is at your fingertips. You can see your current net worth, cash flow analysis, budget, and all the work we’ve done together, and the task tracking helps keep you accountable. 


RightCapital Portal Resources and Tutorials

Using the Client Portal
Linking Your Accounts
Client Account Security
Tutorial #1 - Initial Set up - Filling Out Your Profile
Tutorial #3 - RightCapital Budgeting Tool 
Tutorial #2 - RightCapital Overview Session 
Tutorial #4 - Using the Vault and Tasks 
RightCapital Tutorials
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